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Memorial Beads are a beautiful keepsake of your deceased loved-one.

Flame Art Memorial Beads are hand-formed into an appealing wearable glass bead in New Zealand using Italian glass. Ash from cremation can be incorporated into the bead,sealed internally and either visible or shielded from view with coloured glass.

Due to the intense heat of the production process, the ash is permanently integrated into the solid glass bead, and often appears as air bubbles. All beads are annealed to encourage strength and durability. Hair is melted into the bead and is not visible due to the intense heat during the process.

We are committed to the utmost respect of your loved ones remains. All ash is handled using a chain-of-custody system so you can be rest assured of security and integrity of process.

Carry your loved one close to your heart in an intimate and attractive jewellery piece with a Flame Art Memorial Bead.

Memorial Beads are designed in the style and colour that you select. You may wish to use the favourite colour of your lost loved one, or your own favourite colour. The ash can be  encased in clear glass, where it will appear as fine white/grey powder or microscopic bubbles or hidden from view so only the wearer knows of its existence with the use of opaque coloured glass. Hair melted into the bead will not be visible to the naked eye. Upon your enquiry, we will ask you a short series of questions to determine the right style of keepsake for you.

Emily will consult personally with you to determine your choices. She often makes a set of memorial beads for the surviving immediate family so that each person may have a  permanent, personal and attractive keepsake of their lost family member. As each bead is hand-made, slight variations will occur between family sets. Should you wish, Emily can also combine more than one family memberís ashes into a single memorial bead.


We have very strict procedures in place to ensure that your trust is well placed. When a memorial bead is commissioned,  we unpack each courier parcel in separate areas (on different days if workload allows). Only one memorial bead (or set of) is produced at once. Each parcel of ash remains are treated with the utmost respect. We only require a small amount of ash (approximately half a teaspoon per bead), and any leftover ash is returned to you via tracked courier with your finished beads.

The production process involves melting glass in a superheated flame, where it becomes soft enough to shape. The coloured molten glass is rolled  or dipped in ash and encased in an outer shell of clear glass. The bead is then cooled slowly and annealled in a kiln to ensure durability. When the bead has cooled, it is removed from the mandrel (a metal rod that is used to hold the molten glass as it is being formed....removal of this gives the bead its centre hole) by hand, cleaned, made into a pendant using sterling silver fittings and chain. All beads and remaining ash are then returned to you via tracked signature courier as soon as possible. 

A certificate of authenticity is included with every bead.

Memorial Beads are also available to honour your beloved family pets.

Memorial Beads Gallery

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